“Arkovians, from wasterners to the merchants of Kraydov and Haldhiem, have little sense of proper meals. In travelling camps, they simply reach into their packs and devour the first food that comes to hand. For them, there are no genres or styles of cooking, merely what is closest when they feel the need to eat. Nobles and merchants, slowly influenced by Saritican and Kortecian sensibilities, have begun holding dinners, not out of a desire for regular communal eating, but as another tool to get one step ahead of their competition.”

-From Auguress Ralisse’s Treatise on Arkovia

Skorii sat outside the…

“Ahtre Vaketa, or the Dune Waste, divides the southern lands and the northern tundra. As the largest desert besides Cita in Kortecis, this harsh expanse of sand and dust was the greatest defense the Eld had against the Arkovian Conquest of the region. It, understandably, delayed Burri’s campaign by several years which served to both allow Buuri’s forces to recuperate from the early skirmishes and lull the Eld into a false belief that Arkov had given up on his thoughts of genocide.”

-Excerpt from Auguress Ralisse’s Treatise on Arkovia

Erandir grasped a handful of wheat stalks in one hand and…

“The Ice Waste, or Falgir Vaketa, is the forge in which much of the Arkovian mythos and cultural identity was formed. It was here, this most northern and western tip of the continent, where the Iledaein chieftain Buuri Arkov first made landfall.”

-Excerpt from Auguress Ralisse’s Treatise on Arkovia

Smoke still curled from the wreckage of the 45th’s camp as Arko, pack slung over his shoulder, finally crested the last ridge. It was not as bad as he had imagined. For the last day, thoughts of his last view of the camp had haunted him. Soldiers burning alive, screaming out…

“Despite living on the largest habitable mass on Korturan, much of Arkovia is deemed “uninhabitable”. There are three distinct “Wastes” which have been classified as such, yet, contrary to the name, are still inhabited by “wasterners” or “badlanders” as many call them.”

-Excerpt from Auguress Ralisse’s Treatise on Arkovia

Air forced itself into Arko’s lungs as he awoke. Something was forcing its way up his throat. Rolling onto his side, Arko vomited onto the cave floor. He wiped his mouth with his wrist, noticing that blood had mixed with the horrendous substance.

Arko got to his feet and looked around.

“The Visual Pair of Souls, unlike other such Souls, do not deal with any sort of change, either preventing or causing it. Instead they simply affect one’s view of the world, one making it sharper while the other obscures it.”

- From Garude’s Summaries of the Dualities

“The Soul of Deception cannot make illusions, nor show that which is not. Its powers lie alone in the realm of smears and blurs, forgetfulness and inscrutable. And yet, it is not attuned through lies and deceit. Rather, it welcomes those who truly believe that they themselves know truth, in its entirety without…

“Similar to its transformative opposite, the Still-soul of the Stative Pair has a satisfaction-based emotive element. Where Change is dissatisfied with the condition of the world, the Still-soul is entirely content with how things are, consistent in both mood and temperament. This particular soul, more often than most, will cause ‘abhuman’ tendencies in its attuned Beholden. Many of my Stagnant colleagues can forget what boredom feels like, the touch of fury or bliss. They lose, not emotions themselves, but the extremes and live within the median of temperament. Most Stagnants lack the spice of human existence, yet remain completely content…

“The Stative Pair of Souls, i.e. Change and Still, contain a uniquely emotive quality, specifically that of satisfaction. The Change-soul is dissatisfaction itself, the quality of not desiring existence how it currently is. Yet, this does not always appear as an abhuman or destructive personality. Many Manglers I have known throughout my tenure are men and women who simply wish to improve the world, see positive change. Still, there exists a few who believe that change, any change at all, is better than stagnation, even if that change is for the worse. Redhame Callias, a Mangler of some renown, champions…

“The Shatter-soul is unique among the Worldsouls not simply because of its functionality, in this way all Souls are unique, but in its reputation. Much prejudice against this Soul, and Arkovians in general, can be traced back to a singular individual, Brodi Nikaelev, otherwise known as Brodi the Bloody.”

- From Pwyll’s Bloody History, Chapter 13: The Augur-Butcher

“Just as the Bind-soul is ‘From many, one’, the Shatter-soul exists as its opposite in function and meaning. From one, many. Shattering splits energy, causing a single source or flow to disperse down numerous paths. …

“When many sources of energy conform into a single output, a single repository, the Bind-soul is that which makes the many united. It is the truest fulfillment of the Iledaein concept of gestalt. Many older texts refer to it as the Gestalt-soul, though there is a Dichomind by that name.”

- From the Book of Souls, Article 3: The Bind-soul

“While the Bind-soul expounds unity and the Shatter-soul champions division, both’s philosophy of attunement are not the truest application of these ideas. The Bind-soul does not desire all things bound together, a world without separation or individuality (although some may…

“The opposite of the Mist-soul and its complement, the Heat-soul is energy transferred in a positive direction, away from the innactor and into the .”

- From the Book of Souls, Article 2: The Heat-soul

“Heat within, fire without. Give, don’t take. Live, don’t break.”

- A common training mantra of the Volcanarch sect of Augurs

“Generosity. To give from one’s own to those without. This encapsulates the tone of the Heat-soul. One cannot give to an excess, thus one cannot Heat a fire, something that is overflowing with warmth. …

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